Foot Massage Slippers
Foot Massage Slippers
Foot Massage Slippers
Foot Massage Slippers
Foot Massage Slippers
Foot Massage Slippers

Foot Massage Slippers

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Foot Massage Slippers feature - Made from stone and wood material; healthy, hygienic, beneficial, non-toxic, easy to clean and free of sulfur, aniline or other toxins; Without side effects.
Various stones are arranged scientifically and rich in trace element. They can care for your foot, promote blood circulation and remove toxins effectively.
Can soothe and activate veins, relax nerves and muscles and eliminate fatigue.
Can release body static to maintain nerves and blood pressure functions.
Can relieve tension to promote sleep.
Upper with hook and loop design is adjustable to fit various feet comfortably.
Suitable to be worn at shower, balcony, living room, bedroom and so on to massage and care your feet anytime and anywhere.

Material: EVA + Stone + Wood
Optional Colors: Red, Black
Thickness: Approx. 2.8cm / 1.1inch
Weight: 365-429g
Type: Massager
Optional Sizes: 37 (CN), 39 (CN), 41 (CN), 42 (CN), 43 (CN)
Size Length
37 (CN)
23.5cm / 9.3inch
39 (CN)
24.5cm / 9.6inch
41 (CN)
25.5cm / 10inch
42 (CN)
26.5cm / 10.4inch
43 (CN)
27.5cm / 10.8inch

Package Include:
1 x Pair of Massage Slippers

It is normal that you may feel ache for first time use, and you can wear socks during use.
The ache feeling will be less in 15 days, and you can wear this item with bare feet for better effect.
Drinking 200-300ml warm boiled water after use and 10 mins each time are recommended.

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